A Simple Solution for Oligonucleotide Design

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Oligonucleotide information
Forward(SG009001) primer
Oligo ID:SG009001
Oligo type: Forward Primer Denegeracy: 1
Target: 17718-17742 Tm: 73.9C at salt 1000.0 mMLength: 25
(2 other experimental conditions)

Experimental condition used for the oligonucleotide

Common Data ID: SG0090 Publication date: 2003
PMID: 14522060 GI: 38505491 Taxonomy ID:227859
Virus Name: SARS coronavirus Product size (PCR): bp
MgCl2: 5.5 mM dNTPs: 0.2 mM Type: Real-time RT-PCR
Temp (PCR cycle):50C 120sec>95C 600sec>(95C 15sec>60C 60sec)*45
Buffer: 1x Taqman buffer A
Polymerase: 0.625U AmpliTaq Gold poly (Applied Biosystems)Cycler: 7000 Seqeunce Detection system (Applied Biosystems)

Total 1 Oligos
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