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CommonData ID: MP0424Publication date: 1986
PMID: 3034729GI: 10445391 Taxonomy ID: 12121
Virus Name: foot-and-mouth disease virus C1, FMDVProduct size (PCR): N/A bp
MgCl2: 10 mMdNTPs: mMType: cDNA synthesis
Temp (PCR cycle):42C 1hr
Buffer: 2mM methylmercury hydroxide, 50mM Tris-HCl pH 8.3, 50mM KCl, 0.4mM DTT
Polymerase: N/ACycler: N/A
Note: cDNA synthesis: Reaction occus in a total volume of 100microL. Reaction mixture includes primer PD00520, 0.125mM [alpha-32P]dCTP (880cpm/pmol), 1U/microL human placental RNase inhibitor (Amersham), and 8.7U/microg RNA reverse transcriptase (Boehringer).
Concentration of primer was not found in the article.
Reverse(PD00520) primer
Oligo type: Degeneracy: 1
Target: 3888-3869Tm: 78.2 C at salt 1000.0mMLength:
(0 other experimental conditions)
Note: Mismatch at positions 3869 and 3870
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