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CommonData ID: BM0471Publication date: 10/01
PMID: 11524161GI: 323205 Taxonomy ID: 11100
Virus Name: bovine viral diarrhea virus (isolate NADL); bovine viral diarrhea virus strain Oregon C24V; pestivirus type 1 (isolate 890) Product size (PCR):
MgCl2: 4.0 mMdNTPs: mMType: Real Time RT-PCR
Temp (PCR cycle):48C 30min>95C 10min>(95C 15sec>60C 60sec)*45
Buffer: TaqMan universal 1x buffer
Polymerase: 0.025U/microL AmpliTaq Gold DNA polyCycler:
Note: Primer set PD00257/PD00256, derived from [GI:323205], amplifies the following viruses:
Isolate NADL [Taxonomy:11100]
Strain Oregon C24V [Taxonomy:82470]
Isolate 890 [Taxonomy:11099]

Probe PD00258 is specific to Type I BVDV [GI:323205].
Probe PD00259 is specific to Type II BVDV [GI:902376].

One-tube assays are carried out in a 96-well falt-bottomed microtiter plate (Perkin-Elmer).
Total volume in each well is 50microL containing 0.2microM each primer PD00257 and PD00256, 0.1microM each probe PD00258 and PD00259, 0.5U/microL MultiScribe RTase, 0.4U/microL RNAse inhibitor, and 2.5microL RNA.

For other PCR from this article, [see BM0472].
Forward(PD00258) primer
Oligo type: Degeneracy: 1
Target: 145-171Tm: 79 C at salt 1000.0mMLength:
(0 other experimental conditions)