A Simple Solution for Oligonucleotide Design



What is Universal PCR?

Universal PCR means a PCR that amplifies DNA fragments from more than one viral species, such as family- or genus-specific PCR.

What does Nested PCR 1 or Nested PCR 2 mean?

Nested PCR in the database consists of Nested PCR 1 [First amplification], and Nested PCR 2 [Second (nested) amplification] and so on.

How is melting temperature (Tm) calculated?
  • For less than 19 bp oligonucleotide,


Thein SL, Lynch JR, Weatherall DJ, Wallace RB. (1986). Lancet 1 (8472): 93

  • For 19 bp or more,

[Tm]=81.5+41[%GC]-600/[oligonucleotide length]: at salt 1000.0mM

Bolton, Et and McCarthy, B.J. (1962) PNAS 48: 139-1397